Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Illustration Friday - Propagate

Hey guys, another illustration incoming. It's for Illustration Friday, again, and the topic was propagate, hard to not think about sexual activities on this one. Ofcourse being a 21 year old male, the ideas were... interesting. This being said, I had to follow my gut and decided to go with a "sleazy" motel sign kind of illustration. Here it is.


The woman was actually sketched almost two years ago now and was some fan art I did for "The Killers". I was reminded of the sketch and decided to go somewhere different with it digitally, and found a cool technique to mimic neon lights.

Well I actually have updated it a little to make it not so simple, added some more to the effect. Heres the updated file.

Propagate Updated

Hope you enjoy it.

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