Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Panda Puff Cereal Advertisement

Hey guys, just a quick update. This is an advertisement idea I came up with while in Leif Peng's class. I had designed a cereal box last semester, and this semester we had to take the the cereal and target it towards a different age demographic. I was really inspired and automatically came up with the idea of evolution. The evolution of man was among my first thoughts, and I really enjoyed the idea of a panda evolving into a businesspanda.

Rough drawings are to come, just need to get them scanned, this will be edited soon.

Here was the colour comprehensive I created.

Panda Puffs Comprehensive

And then I created my own aged paper texture, simply using a piece of paper, a tea bag, and some curry.

Aged Paper

This was my final, using the aged paper texture, doing some tweaks to the logo text, stylizing the logo text and adding a Kellog's logo.

Panda Puffs Final

I hope you enjoyed the process, I was happy with the clever idea I came up with and the results.


  1. Businesspanda's stance is like a super hero's, awesome work!

  2. I'm proud of you tom! awe the idea
    man we should create something like a production...
    i will explain this later on haha

  3. Thanks guys, and Ricardo you know I'm up for any ideas.

  4. I should have thought about it... Good work.